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Hypurin® Porcine Insulin range

Hypurin® Porcine Insulin


Supporting diabetic patient choice

Hypurin® Porcine insulin is an animal-derived insulin (porcine, pork base) and Wockhardt are the only remaining manufacturer in the world. Not all diabetic patients suit the same insulin type so we feel it is important to provide the choice for those patients who wish to use it (and view it as a lifeline).

Product Range

Hypurin® Porcine
Hypurin® Porcine
Hypurin® Porcine

*Hypurin® Porcine insulin 3ml cartridges fit in the Autopen® Classic pen-injector device, available on prescription and made by Owen Mumford (

Autopen® Classic pen-injector device

Autopen® Classic 1 Unit
Autopen® Classic 2 Unit

Hypurin® Insulin Profiles of action

Hypurin® Insulin range & activity key
Hypurin® Procine Insulin profiles of action

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