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Patient Information

Providing patients with quality medicines

Continuing to support patient choice

We are not just a medicines manufacturer and supplier, we take patient choice very seriously and work hard to deliver the medicines that patients rely on where and when they need them.

POMs and OTCs
We manufacture and supply over 200 products to the NHS and to patients. Some are only available on prescription (prescription only medicines – POMs) and some are available for the public to buy over the counter from pharmacies, supermarkets, general retailers, etc. (OTC products).

Branded and generic medicines
We supply some of our medicines with brand names (branded products such as Hypurin® insulin) but most are without, using the internationally recognised generic names instead (such as paracetamol, ibuprofen and aspirin). Generic medicines are equivalent to the originator brands but drive down prices, saving the NHS and patients money.

Believing in patient choice
We are the only supplier of animal-derived insulin (porcine, pork derived) in the world. We guaranteed the Department of Health that we would continue to supply the medicine for the foreseeable future, to provide an extremely important choice to those patients who wish to use porcine insulin.

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