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Acidex Advance Oral Suspension

Dispense and Save …..

25% more profitable than Gaviscon Advance when dispensed against generic scripts1,3

Acidex Advance Oral Suspension

(sodium alginate, potassium hydrogen carbonate)

The ONLY licenced equivalent to Gaviscon Advance Oral Suspension

  • Save 25% when compared with the use of the originator brand or a generically written script (drug tariff price)1,2
  • Fixed prices until March 2023
  • Supply Chain Confidence
    • National distribution via two UK wholesalers (Alliance Healthcare & McKesson UK) for supply chain visibility & management
    • Stock updates available for supply reassurance
  • P classification

Product Information

Pack SizeProduct FlavourDrug ClassificationWockhardt Order CodeEAN / GTIN CodePIP CodeClick for SmPC
250mlAniseed PFP43695012727-913735403-3460
500mlAniseed PFP43705012727-913742403-3445
250mlPeppermint PFP43715012727-913759403-3478
500mlPeppermint PFP43725012727-913766403-3452
  • Indicated for the treatment of symptoms resulting from the reflux of acid, bile and pepsin in the oesophagus such as acid regurgitation, heartburn and indigestion (occurring due to the reflux of stomach contents)4
  • Extra strength formula* forming a strong, resilient, protective layer1
  • Available in aniseed or peppermint flavour
  • Both flavours available in 250ml and 500ml bottles

*double the concentration of sodium alginate compared to Gaviscon Original and Acidex Plain1,2,4


1. MIMS. April 2021 edition
2. Drug Tariff April 2021 (England & Wales)
3. Gaviscon Advance® is a registered trademark of Reckitt Benckiser Corporate Services Limited, UK
4. Acidex Advance Oral Suspension Summary of Product Characteristics

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(including the reporting of suspected ADRs and side effects)

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