OTC and Private Label

Over the counter medicines in your local store

Otc And Private Label

At Wockhardt UK, we offer our customers a wide range of analgesic, cold/flu and antidiarrheal products. We supply these products either in our own packaging (branded with our own Wockhardt logo), or in our customers’ own packaging (own-label products), depending on requirements.

We provide this service for our supermarket, multiple retailer, pharmacy chain and wholesaler customers, which ultimately means that our products are readily available to members of the public, either off the shelf in supermarkets, or over the counter in their pharmacy departments.

As one of the largest generic pharmaceutical companies in the UK, we are able to supply large volumes of these products to meet the needs of our bigger customers and we can also effectively manage the demand driven by seasonal variations. Additionally, the majority of Wockhardt UK products are manufactured at our own manufacturing plants, enabling us to maintain close control of supply chain efficiencies.

Our services

Wockhardt UK has a great deal of experience in providing own-label products and is one of the few pharmaceutical companies in the UK who provide these.

We are able to support our customers by providing a full range of project management capabilities, including artwork support, regulatory approvals, ethical compliance and customer service. In fact, our UK-based customer service department is very highly regarded within the industry and fully supports our customers by making sure they always go the extra mile.