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Wockhardt; our parent pharmaceutical company

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Introducing Wockhardt: Our Global Presence

Wockhardt is a global pharmaceutical and biotechnology company providing affordable, high quality medicines for a healthier world.  It has grown by leveraging its manufacturing, research and technological capabilities.

Wockhardt has three highly equipped research centres and 12 state-of-art manufacturing plants worldwide, with businesses ranging from the manufacture and marketing of Pharmaceutical and Bio-Pharmaceutical Formulations, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) and Vaccines.

Over the past decade our operations have expanded significantly.   A US$ 1 billion enterprise with a global footprint, our business is well balanced across three regions – India, US and Europe – with a direct presence in UK, Ireland, France, Switzerland, Russia and the Americas.  We are also well represented by our business partners in over 50 countries globally.

Wockhardt is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in India and one of the largest generic pharmaceutical companies in the UK and also Ireland.  We are well placed to gain from opportunities created by our global operations that help us tap into the manufacturing capabilities of India and capitalise on the potential offered by US and European markets.

Differentiation: Through Innovation

At Wockhardt, innovation is the true value-driver of its Research and Development (R&D) activities.

The cornerstone of Wockhardt’s vision and strategy is to create value, sustain relevance and maintain leadership with a strong focus on R&D.

Wockhardt has to its credit 232 Patents granted worldwide and has to date 130 Abbreviated New Drug Applications (ANDAs) approved.  With multi-disciplinary research capabilities spanning India, USA and UK, we are strongly focused on creating Intellectual Property (IP) in generics, New Chemical Entities (NCEs), Novel Drug Delivery Systems (NDDS), and recombinant biopharmaceuticals.

We are amongst the pioneers in the global biosimilar space. With nearly two decades of experience in biopharmaceutical research and manufacturing, we offer expertise in biotech that few can match. Our achievements include production of the first human r-DNA insulin developed outside US and Europe, and the world’s first Glargine Biosimilar.

Wockhardt is amongst select insulin biosimilar companies with patented disposable and reusable pen devices – Glaritus Dispo Pen and Glaritus Pen Royale in US and EU.

Core Research Areas







Integration: Through Global Manufacturing

Wockhardt has successfully created integrated multi-technology capabilities to manufacture all types of dosage forms, including sterile injectable and lyophilised products. 12 state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities (nine in India and one each in the US, UK & Ireland) deploy cutting-edge technology to create a scalable and sustainable model of growth and profitability.

The state-of-the-art Wockhardt Biotechnology Park in India has set global benchmarks with six dedicated manufacturing facilities for manufacturing biopharmaceutical bulk as well as recombinant formulations with world-class technology.

With a strong presence in developed markets and a growing presence in emerging economies, Wockhardt is well poised to exploit opportunities in the global pharmaceutical space.

Team Wockhardt: Driving Growth

Wockhardt’s biggest asset is its employees.  8,600 people across 21 nationalities seamlessly integrate to form the bedrock of its success.  Every member shares a common vision for growth and a mission to achieve excellence.