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Oxeltra Prolonged-Release Tablets

Oxeltra Prolonged-Release Tablets

(oxycodone hydrochloride)

  • Save 75% when compared with the use of the originator brand or a generically written script (drug tariff price)1,2
  • Save 50% when compared with the use of the leading branded generic1
  • Complete range of strengths and pack sizes
  • Fixed prices until March 2023
  • Supply Chain Confidence
    • National distribution via two UK wholesalers (Alliance Healthcare & McKesson UK) for supply chain visibility & management
    • Stock updates available for supply reassurance
  • Patient support materials available

Product Information

StrengthPack SizeProduct FormDrug ClassificationWockhardt Order CodeEAN / GTIN CodePIP CodeClick for SmPC
5mg28 Blister packPR tabletsPOM (CD)FP39975012727-910956396-5480
10mg56 Blister packPR tabletsPOM (CD)FP39985012727-910963396-5498
15mg56 Blister packPR tabletsPOM (CD)FP39995012727-910970396-5506
20mg56 Blister packPR tabletsPOM (CD)FP40005012727-910987396-6702
30mg56 Blister packPR tabletsPOM (CD)FP40015012727-910994396-5530
40mg56 Blister packPR tabletsPOM (CD)FP40025012727-911007396-5688
60mg56 Blister packPR tabletsPOM (CD)FP40035012727-911014396-5696
80mg56 Blister packPR tabletsPOM (CD)FP40045012727-911021396-5829
  • Indicated for the treatment of moderate to severe pain with cancer and postoperative pain; for severe pain requiring strong opioid3
  • Available as 5mg, 10mg, 15mg, 20mg, 30mg, 40mg, 60mg and 80mg tablets
  • Clear high dose caution on 60mg and 80mg strength packaging
  • Tablets colour-matched to originator brand for patient recognition and compliance
  • Patient support materials available


1. MIMS – April 2021 edition
2. Drug Tariff April 2021 (England & Wales)
3. Oxeltra 5mg PR tablets Summary of Product Characteristics

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(including the reporting of suspected ADRs and side effects)

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